What is Revidian Moto?

Posted on by Ricardo N Feliciano

Welcome to a new website on the Internet, Revidian Moto. It’s a brand that will be providing motorcycle and car content, software, and eventually products and services. The initial focus will be on motorcycles because that’s where I feel is the largest gap in quality content. As it grows, I’ll add car content into the mix.

Why did I create this and what’s next?

Why Create Revidian Moto?

Have you ever been at the parts counter at Auto Zone and they flip around the monitor to show you their stock and you’re greeted by an operating system that looks 20 years old?

Have you ever how many times have you been in a dealership or other shop and aren’t sure if you’re being lied to just for an upsell?

Revidian Moto is created for everyone who like us, have answered yes to these questions. I’m aiming to inject modern technology and authenticity into the industry and everything we do.

What’s Next?

This website and blog launches today however I’m just getting started.

Here’s some things in the works:

  • R/M Garage - a webapp that helps you manage your motorcycles at home
  • tons more blog posts

Stay Informed

If this sounds interesting and useful to you, there’s multiple ways to stay informed on what’s new with Revidian Moto.

You can stay connected via social media:

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