R/M Garage Features

The Garage app is designed to make managing your motorcycles at home easier.


Service Logs

Log when you or your favorite mechanic shop does a service on your bike. This can be as simple as an oil change to as in-depth as an engine rebuild.

Fuel Logs

After you fuel up at the gas station, you can log how much fuel you bought, the price, as well as the octane level for your records. Does your bike use a charging station instead of a pump? You can log the amount of kilowatts you used to recharge as well.

Generic Miles

Just want to log miles before or after a trip? Perhaps you like to log miles weekly so you can keep track of how you’re using your bike? You can do that too.

Vehicle Data

Keep track of your bike’s important information such as VIN and license plate number as well as view more in-depth details such as:

  • engine HP
  • engine cylinders and stroke
  • manufacturer information

Coming Soon

There’s more features coming soon including Weather-related features as well as a Glovebox.